TPRM Forum recently conducted research to better understand the impact Digital Transformation is having on TPRM operations. The focus was to identify actions being taken by TPRM leaders and their intended benefit.

Results are clear, TPRM leaders are focused on achieving alignment and collaboration across VMO, Procurement & Legal. The expected benefit of these actions is accelerated risk management capability to meet business demand.

To support TPRM leaders meet this challenge, TPRM Forum has created the ‘TPRM PULSE’ assessment framework. Leveraging deep expertise in TPRM, VMO and Procurement operations, The TPRM Pulse rapidly assess organization, process, platform and collaboration effectiveness to develop targeted recommendations to achieve improved operational risk performance.

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The methodology features proven assessment workflow and practices. What separates TPRM Forum’s framework is the proprietary TPRM Effectiveness Index™. Blending Risk, Vendor Management, Procurement and Strategic Sourcing expertise, The Effectiveness Index™ accurately identifies improvement opportunities to achieve enhanced TPRM operations. In addition, the Effectiveness Index™ assesses current TPRM Maturity and TPRM operational risk and environment complexity to isolate actions and tactics to achieve improved performance. The output forms the PULSE Game Plan deliverables featuring operational detail that enables actionable results.

The TPRM PULSE assessment framework examines multiple layers of risk operations to provide TPRM leaders practical, actionable recommendations in a rapid 4 week timeframe. Tool and managed service agnostic, the independent TPRM PULSE guides leaders to extract greater value from TPRM platforms by establishing effective collaboration and alignment across risk and business operations.  

To learn more about TPRM Forum’s TPRM PULSE, please complete the CONTACT REQUEST form.