TPRM Forum is dedicated to the development of TPRM best practices to successfully meet the growing digital transformation challenge. To achieve this mission, First Line of Defense (FLOD) teams must establish productive collaboration with Technology Vendor Management (VMO) organizations to address expanding risk requirements across a broad array of technology partners. In addition, Vendor Management organizations must broaden their definition of risk to encompass services, software and all other areas of potential exposure.

Leveraging deep expertise in Technology TPRM and Technology VMO operations, the TPRM Forum has crafted unique methodologies to establish the required interactions between FLOD and VMO teams to achieve enhanced risk effectiveness across the full spectrum of digital technologies.

For Third Party Risk Management Leaders:

  • TPRM ‘PULSE’ Assessment
  • Business Continuity Mapping & Empowerment

For Technology VMO Leaders:

  • Value-Based VMO Design (VB-VMO)
  • Software Asset Management Audit Susceptibility Index (SAM-ASI)

TPRM Forum is led by Jim Hussey, a seasoned expert in Technology Third Party Risk Management, Vendor Management and software asset management operations. This expertise has enabled the development of effective methodologies to achieve productive FLOD operations, Value Based Vendor Management Organizations and effective SAM capabilities.